Pokemon Battle Revolution ROM – Nintendo Wii Download

Pokemon Battle Revolution ROM
NamePokemon Battle Revolution ROM
Date Published2022
ConsoleNintendo Wii
EmulatorDolphin emulator
Size609 MB

Experience intense 3D Pokemon battles like never before in this enhanced version of Pokemon Battle Revolution for Dolphin emulator. With vivid stadiums, colosseums with unique rules, multiplayer, and a tower boss awaiting, it’s the ultimate Pokemon fighter.

Download Pokemon Battle Revolution ROM

Battle in 3D Stadiums

Pokemon Battle Revolution first brought the creature battles into full 3D on the Wii, with you able to manipulate dynamic camera angles while commanding the combatants. Now emulated, the fights come alive with greater scale.

The visuals excel at making each clash feel larger than life, from the opening poses as Poke Balls fly onto lavish stadiums to the camera zooming in on finishing blow animations. Fluid movement and dazzling particles surround the combat for eye candy fans will love.

With the enhanced resolution, your favorite monsters have never looked crisper. And tweaked lighting takes full advantage of the spectacle, whether spotlights blast down in the raucous Gateway Colosseum or sunlight glistens off water in the tranquil Neon Colosseum.

Challenge Unique Colosseums

Battle Revolution contains several Colosseums each with different aesthetics and, more importantly, rule modifiers that keep fights fresh. Some disable healing items, others buff certain move types, and more to master.

The decaying wreckage of the Sunny Park Colosseum boosts Fire attacks, for example, while the icy Crystal Colosseum powers up Ice types instead. You’ll need to tailor your squad’s strengths to counter each arena for an additional strategic layer.

Other Colosseums introduce new mechanics entirely, like conveyor belts constantly moving Pokemon in the Roulette Colosseum or electric traps triggering in the Magma Colosseum. These environmental effects test your ability to adapt on the fly and predict emerging threats.

Customize Your Trainer

Want to stand out from the crowd with your unique look? Battle Revolution provides tons of character customization options so you don’t have to conform to the default male and female trainers.

Thousands of clothing pieces and accessories can be purchased with Battle Points earned from victories. Deck your avatar out in everything from stylish hats to shirts featuring favorite Pokemon. Visually reflect your personality through your one-of-a-kind style.

Accessories like glasses, masks and face paint further allow customization along with varied skin tones and facial features for your self-insert trainer. Import a look from past games for continuity or create something entirely new – the choice is yours.

Link Up to Battle Friends

While playing against the computer is fun, testing your skills against friends is even more exciting. Local and online multiplayer lets you face real opponents in fierce Pokemon showdowns.

Set up head-to-head matches or team battles with up to 4 players at once, issuing commands simultaneously for chaotic fun. Communicate using the Revolution emulator’s built-in chat, console your ally after failed tactics, or erupt in laughter at the absurd outcomes only multiplayer Pokemon can produce!

Having an audience of friends spectating your fights while waiting for their turn injects additional thrill. With leaderboards tracking wins, you’ll be immersed in friendly competition to prove your superiority and mastery of Pokemon.

Conquer the Tower Tycoon

The ultimate challenge awaits at the pinnacle of Revolution’s Battle Tower – the Tower Tycoon Palmer and his speedy team. He’s the final boss for those seeking a true test of skills.

Work up the floors of this gauntlet with battles under shifting conditions to toughen your team. Once prepared, Palmer’s shocking selection of Pokemon provides a culminating exam before he hands you the ultimate reward…a Hall of Fame induction!

Having your name etched among the greats cements your status as a true Battle Revolution master. And the intense journey of adapting strategies, perfecting movesets and triumphing by the skin of your teeth makes it profoundly rewarding.

With vivid 3D visuals and animations, unique colosseums with varying rules, extensive trainer customization, local/online multiplayer, and intense tower battles, Pokemon Battle Revolution shines brighter than ever emulated. So grab some friends, import your ultimate team, and experience the pinnacle of Pokemon combat!

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