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Pokemon Phoenix Rising ROM
NamePokemon Phoenix Rising ROM
Date PublishedDecember 25, 2018
EmulatorRPG Maker XP
GenreRole Playing
Size532 MB

Pokemon Phoenix Rising is an exciting new fan-made game that transports players to the lush Tandor region, home to over 200 imaginative Fakemon to catch. This free game, made with Pokemon Essentials RPG Maker XP, offers a deep story with new evil teams to face, challenging gym battles with custom Mega Evolutions, and three brand-new Firestarter Pokemon to choose from.

Meet Brand New Fire Starters

The fire starters in Pokemon Phoenix Rising provide a difficult choice right from the opening scenes. Flamingo is a cute pink flamingo Pokemon that evolves into a graceful ballerina. Salander, an intense salamander with fiery drool, turns into a brutal fire warrior. And the timid deer Pokemon Fawndles evolves into a confident stag with powerful horns aflame. Each one presents an appealing new take on the classic fire starter.

Custom Mega Evolutions Change Battles

Exciting new Mega Evolutions give fresh strategies to familiar Pokemon in the Tandor region. Mega Flygon’s Levitate Ability enables it to avoid Ground attacks while dishing out strong Dragon and Bug moves. The extremely bulky Mega Milotic can set up repeatedly with Coil while recovering damage, making it difficult to defeat. With custom sprites, types, stats, abilities, and moves tailored to each Mega Evolution, veterans and newcomers alike must rethink their battle plans.

Explore All-New Tandor Region

The diverse and expansive Tandor region features snowy mountains, tropical jungles, arid canyons, and teeming cities linked by an open world map. Along the way, players will uncover mysteries about the meteor that struck Tandor 1,000 years ago while stopping the schemes of misguided teams trying to abuse its residual energy. This land of discovery promises thrills for every type of Pokemon trainer!

Defeat Criminal Teams in Epic Story

A dark plot unfolds as players encounter the cultlike Team Olympus, led by Atlas, and Team Asgard, with its boss Odin, in their quest across Tandor. These menacing teams seek to control legendary Pokemon to further their misguided goals. As their paths intertwine with the players, an epic story emerges, leading to an ultimate showdown. Can the player resist their lies and machinations to emerge victorious? The fate of Tandor hangs in the balance!

Catch Impressive Fakemon Designs

With over 200 new Fakemon to catch, Pokemon Phoenix Rising lets imaginations run wild. Mightyena gains a regional evolution called Duskmight that adds Ghost typing to its abilities. Ludicolo trades some speed for Special Attack in its Carecolo regional variant. And entirely original designs like the playful seal Pokemon Seelio and the tropical parrot Pokemon Loricaw offer fresh challenges and strengths for battle. Every area introduces new Fakemon surprises!

With custom Mega Evolutions, original Fakemon, villainous teams to defeat, and a whole new region to explore, Pokemon Phoenix Rising offers an incredible fan-made experience. The all-new fire starters, expansive story, and 200 imaginative Fakemon give players of all experience levels plenty to discover on their journey through Tandor! This free download is a must-play for any Pokemon or RPG fan looking for new twists on familiar gameplay.

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