Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team ROM

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team ROM
NamePokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team ROM
Date Published2006
ConsoleGBA ROMs
EmulatorVisualBoy Advance and mGBA
GenreRole Playing
LanguageEnglish (USA Version)
Size11 MB

Adventure from a Pokémon’s perspective in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team. Transform into a monster, assemble a rescue squad, explore random dungeons, answer distress calls, and solve natural disasters threatening the land.

Download Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team ROM

Transform into a Pokémon

Red Rescue Team flips the script, turning you into a Pokémon following a strange dream after waking up in an unknown forest. Choose from 16 starter species like Bulbasaur, Pikachu and Cubone to play as!

With a human mind in a monster body, navigate the world interacting with strange societies of intelligent Pokémon building rescue teams, running businesses, and living in harmony with one another.

Gain a whole new appreciation for Pokémon kindness seeing life from their perspective. And utilize your type’s unique strengths and abilities to help Pokémon in need while discovering why you transformed in the first place!

Assemble Your Rescue Team

Partner with another starter Pokémon like Charmander to form a rescue team operating out of a base. Recruit members with varied skills to handle different dungeon threats and keep the team balanced.

Earn fame through successful missions to have stronger fighters join your squad. Utilize Normal types as item carriers, Flying types to cross gaps, and Water types to traverse waters. Cover all your weaknesses!

Bond with your core team to unlock special team skills that provide advantages in dungeons. Then utilize your collective power to take on increasingly challenging rescue missions!

Explore Random Dungeons

Enter mysterious multi-floor dungeons filled with hostile wild Pokémon. These labyrinths randomly generate layouts and difficulties each visit to stay unpredictable.

Navigate traps, solve floor puzzles and defeat monster houses to find the stairs leading down. Grab treasures like Orbs and TMs to support your team along the way too.

Dungeon crawling earns experience to strengthen your individual members and rescue rank to unlock new areas. Return often to grind your squad’s stats for the tough challenges that lie ahead!

Accept Rescue Requests

Check the bulletin board daily for Pokémon seeking rescue from dungeons. Accept jobs matching your team’s skill level for suitable rewards.

Journey into dungeons tracking distressed targets using your rescue team badge to warp to their location. Evacuate them safely to complete requests.

As fame grows by rescuing more Pokémon, advanced asks come from the Wigglytuff Guild. Handle outlaws, escort important figures, and investigate sinister occurrences with these VIP missions!

Solve Natural Calamities

As disasters strike the land, meet with the wise Xatu who sends your capable team back in time to stop the calamity before it begins.

Prevent lightning from igniting forests, monster hordes from invading cities, and meteor strikes by defeating the disaster’s source in the past. Resolve these crises for grateful locals!

Then face your greatest challenge yet – the legendary Rayquaza rampaging from the sky! Quell its rage in an epic confrontation to secure stability for all Pokémon once more! Until next time…

Adventure from the perspective of a Pokémon for the first time in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team. Transform into a monster, build a rescue squad, brave unpredictable dungeons, answer distress calls from Pokémon in need, and solve natural crises threatening harmony. Gotta rescue ‘em all!

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