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Pokemon Uranium ROM
NamePokemon Uranium ROM
Date Published2016
ConsoleWindows PCs
EmulatorWindows PCs
GenreRole-Playing Game (RPG)
Size282 MB

Embark on a whole new Pokemon adventure with Pokemon Uranium – a fan-made ROM that introduces over 150 inventive new Pokemon, evil villains Team Xen, challenging gym battles, and more in the unexplored Tandor region.

Download Pokemon Uranium ROM

Explore the New Tandor Region

Pokemon Uranium transports players to Tandor, an entirely original region not featured in any official Pokemon game. Inspired by real-world locations like Brazil and New York, Tandor features diverse locales from tropical rainforests to icy mountains that are fun to explore.

The new region is bursting with personality thanks to lively cities, quaint towns, and intriguing characters to interact with. There are also puzzles to solve, items to collect, and even mini-games like basketball to enjoy around Tandor. It feels like a lived-in world full of surprises.

As you journey across the region, you’ll encounter areas affected by nuclear radiation and see its impact on the environment and Pokemon. This darker theme adds depth not found in the main series, providing thoughtful commentary while you catch new creatures.

Catch Never-Before-Seen Pokemon

While classics like Pikachu still appear, the main attraction in Uranium is over 150 brand-new Pokemon to catch ranging from cute to cool to weird. With new types like Nuclear and Sound also introduced, there are more battle possibilities than ever.

Hunt down Nuclear-type Pokemon like Hazma and Dunseraph in irradiated areas, chase the Sound-type melody ‘mon Sonabyss through caves, and even fish up bizarrely unique designs like the steel-winged Archilles. With so much variety, you’ll want to catch ‘em all!

Combine these newcomers with old favorites to form the ultimate team. Their designs draw inspiration from real animals and mythology while giving them signature moves and abilities. See what powerful combos you can create!

Challenge Unique Gym Leaders

Your ultimate goal is conquering the 8 gyms of Tandor to prove you’re a true Pokemon Master. The leaders here use original teams centered around themes like dance moves or weather effects that creatively match their distinct personalities.

Strategies that worked well in past games might flounder here if you’re not prepared for these gyms’ surprises. For example, the nuclear-powered Ciprys will hit your team extremely hard if you lack proper counters. Study-type matchups and train hard to win!

The gym puzzles themselves are also refreshing changes of pace relying on mechanics like teleporters, hidden doors, and challenging platforming segments to reach each leader. With tricks up every sleeve, they won’t make defeating them easy.

Stop Team Xen’s Evil Plans

What’s a Pokemon game without an evil team plotting world domination? Enter Team Xen, terrorists who wish to expose the entire Tandor region to dangerous radiation to force human evolution. Their morally grey goals challenge the player.

Xen’s admins each use Nuclear Pokemon and fight ruthlessly when confronted. You’ll need to beat them to retrieve stolen research on the mythical wish-granting Pokemon, Infinity Energy. But their motives make you question if you should stop them at all…

As the game’s climax nears, their plans come dangerously close to fruition. With Infinity Energy under their control, no one can predict the devastation they could wreak. You’ll need to take down their leader before the world is blanketed in radiation!

Take Your Team Online

Once you’ve conquered the main campaign, why stop there? Thanks to online connectivity, you can battle other real-world players and their unique teams. Test who has the strongest Nuclear-type or the fastest Hazma in 1v1 competitive matches.

Trade Uranium’s exclusive new Pokemon that can’t be found anywhere else and complete your Pokedex. Chat and make friends with other fans still engaged with this classic fan game thanks to its replayability.

Or replay the game yourself in Challenge Mode, which amps the difficulty by altering enemy teams and letting gym leaders Mega Evolve their Pokemon. With online features and increased challenges, fun awaits beyond the credits!

Offering a brand new region, over 150 inventive original Pokemon designs, an environmentalist-themed evil team plot, and modern online battle features, Pokemon Uranium is an impressive fan-made ROM  that delivers a fresh experience. As one of the deepest Pokemon games made by fans for fans, it’s still supported years later for good reason – there’s fun to be had in Tandor for trainers of all kinds. So grab your Pokeballs and embark on this new adventure!

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