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Pokemon This Gym of Mine ROM
NamePokemon This Gym of Mine ROM
Date PublishedJuly 30, 2023
ConsoleExclusively for PC
EmulatorExclusively for PC
GenreRole-Playing Game (RPG)
Size66.2 MB

Pokémon This Gym of Mine enables aspiring gym leaders to build and customize their own gyms. Players can design layouts, choose rewards, catch defenders, battle online gyms, and play minigames.

Download Pokemon This Gym of Mine ROM

Customize Gym Layouts with Traps

A key feature is creating gym floor plans with unlockable hazards like warp tiles, spin traps, and trick walls to surprise challengers. Strategic trap placement lets you control battle dynamics.

Mixing puzzle elements into gym plans alongside Pokémon battles provides creative depth. Constructing intricate yet fair floor layouts gives a sense of ownership over your unique gym.

You can redesign and iterate on gym blueprints as you progress too. Adding new traps and puzzles lets you incrementally upgrade challenge without overly frustrating.

Select Badge and TM Rewards

As gym leader, you pick which TM machines and badges challengers receive for defeating you. It helps differentiate your gym’s prizes from others for beating your custom-made gauntlet.

Badges confer stat boosts to players’ monsters while TMs teach new moves. Combining coveted rewards with creative spatial puzzles ups the prestige for conquering your gym.

Since you select the TMs and badges, you can tailor prizes that complement the strengths of your defending Pokémon. This synergy makes beating your gym more rewarding.

Catch and Train Defending Pokémon

You stock your gym with monsters caught across various locales, letting you curate advantage based on your floor plan. Hunting to theme your gym adds personalization.

Leveling up creatures and selecting competitive movesets is key to challenging challengers. Your custom space synergizes with your custom team to determine difficulty.

Spending time strengthening your defenders makes your gym feel more your own. The bonds formed from training your Pokémon reinforce the personal touches you add to the gym itself.

Online Battles Against Player-Made Gyms

This Gym of Mine facilitates asynchronous online matches against player-constructed gyms using custom rulesets. You gain resources from victories to upgrade your own gym.

Seeing how others design gyms provides inspiration to tweak your own. Learning clever trap placements and seeing unique badge/TM rewards spark new gym ideas to try.

Matchmaking against human creations introduces unpredictable challenge lacking against AI. Outwitting real players’ spatial puzzles and battle tactics gives intense satisfaction.

Mini-Games to Earn Resources

Supplementary minigames add variety while granting resources for expanding upon your gym. Playing skill games lets you take brief breaks from the main experience.

The extra activities like mining gems or a battle card game pit your abilities versus the computer. Earning coins and materials unlocks new pieces to evolve your gym.

While the mini-games are simple, they make acquiring upgrades feel more rewarding. The additional modes pace the gym customization so it doesn’t get exhausting.

This Gym of Mine fulfills the fantasy of running your own Pokémon gym. Its customization and online battles realize the dream of testing your gym leading prowess against players worldwide.

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