Pokemon Bank ROM – CIA & Nintendo 3DS Download

Pokemon Bank ROM
NamePokemon Bank ROM
Date PublishedDecember 25, 2013
ConsoleNintendo 3DS
Emulator3DS Emulators
GenreOnline application
Size29.2 MB

With Pokémon Bank, safely store over 3,000 of your Pokémon all in one place. Access your collection anywhere, organize boxes with ease, transfer monsters between generations, ensure secure cloud storage, and take teams on the go for battles across different titles.

Download Pokemon Bank ROM

Access Your Collection Anywhere

Pokémon Bank liberates your PC boxes into the cloud, letting you view and access stored Pokémon via any device. Check on your prized collection from home or on the road!

Seamlessly swap Pokémon between games too without needing two systems side by side thanks to wireless delivery. And trade securely without fear thanks to encryption – no more lost save files or hacked monsters!

Cloud access additionally allows modifying box organization on one device while playing on another. With your legendary squad safely stored in Pokémon Bank, the only limit is your imagination for assembling teams!

Organize Boxes Easily

Pokémon Bank makes managing PC boxes effortless with useful tools for sorting, filtering, tagging favorites and marking competitive battlers to keep your collection organized.

Quickly find species already caught in past games thanks to the National Pokédex registry while browsing boxes. And automatic box sorting places new captures efficiently while consolidating spaces. Never lose track of a Pokémon again!

Most importantly, significantly more box space reduces the need to make painful trimming decisions when your collection outgrows game limits. With room for over 3,000 monsters in Bank, catching them all is finally achievable!

Transfer Generations of Pokémon

Pokémon Bank allows transporting your treasured teams from past generations into modern titles via the Poké Transporter app. Retain your veterans!

Transfer creatures from the GameBoy Advance classics Ruby & Sapphire up through Nintendo 3DS titles X/Y and Sun/Moon forward into new adventures on Switch. Their loyalty persists across decades thanks to cloud connectivity!

With rules preventing illegal movesets or abilities, feel secure transporting even strangely built past Pokémon knowing they’ll transition safely. No more fear of losing cherished partners to old hardware or age!

Store Over 3,000 Safely

Each paid Pokémon Bank account provides secure cloud storage for up to 3,000+ Pokémon – every species across generations. Never again release creatures simply because a game cartridge has no room!

Fan favorites and competitive teams can be preserved perpetually while still playing new releases. And with surprise trade fodder banked, you can spread rare Pokémon joy to strangers worldwide!

Your Pokémon journey’s culmination lives on through the generations in Bank. With Switch integrating cloud support, these historic partners stay battle ready thanks to futureproof storage.

Take Your Pokémon on the Go

Registered Pokémon Bank creatures can be swiftly withdrawn into titles supporting connectivity like Pokémon Home or new gen games. Build a living legacy linking your story across decades!

Transferring old companions with unique moves or shinies into new adventures lets you showcase veterans. And turning previous all-stars like Tyranitar or Salamence into trade fodder spreads joy.

Introducing past Pokémon to new generations keeps franchises alive. The memories made carrying the same beloved starter from youth to adulthood persist when those friends stand alongside fresh faces!

With convenient cloud access, ample organized storage, easy box management tools, generations connecting transfers and on-the-go functionality – Pokémon Bank helps you securely store your historic collection while taking treasured Pokémon into new adventures. Let it be the Pokémon center for your living legacy!

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