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Pokemon Moon ROM
NamePokemon Moon ROM
Date Published2016
ConsoleNintendo 3DS
EmulatorCitra Nintendo 3DS emulator
GenreRole-playing game (RPG)
Size2.7 GB

Adventure across the tropical Alola region under moonlight with Pokémon Moon. Battle island captains, discover powerful Totem Pokémon during trials, halt Team Skull’s mischief, challenge the Elite Four and uncover the secrets behind mysterious Ultra Beasts while exploring Alola’s unique culture.

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Explore Alola’s Tropical Isles

Pokemon Moon brings trainers to the sun-soaked Alola region, made up of four nature-filled islands drawing inspiration from real-world Hawaii. Expect sandy beaches, lush jungles and jagged volcanic peaks to traverse.

Each island has its own culture and settlements to discover, from the rural villages and farms of Melemele Island to the luxury resorts dotting Akala Island’s coasts. Take time to chat with quirky residents and uncover local secrets!

The tropical region is teeming with unique monster variants adapted to Alola’s environments too. So keep eyes peeled while exploring off the beaten path to spot a rare Oricorio dancing in the jungle or curious cutiefly buzzing through flower fields.

Discover Totem Pokémon

In Alola’s trial sites, powerful Totem Pokémon act as bosses that amp up nearby allies with their auras. Defeating these leaders lets you progress closer towards the island kahuna grand trial.

Enhanced size and strength makes defeating Totems a challenge without the right strategy. So observe how their auras bolster allies to counter appropriately with abilities and moves targeting multiple foes at once.

Once their support lines are disrupted, these oversized Pokémon lose their advantage. Topple their final mighty offense with well-timed Z-Moves unlocked from trials to claim your rewards and progress.

Take On The Island Trials

Instead of traditional gyms with type themes, Moon introduces Island Trials where you’ll explore locales while battling local captains and Totems. Completing them unlocks each island’s grand trial.

Expect physically demanding trials like racing across lava pits or navigating icy caves with tricky puzzles. Study the captains’ preferred types so your team properly covers weaknesses too. Utilize Z-Crystals to unleash powered up moves when the going gets tough!

Pass all trials on an island to challenge its kahuna for a fight. These leaders are the ultimate goal, wielding well-rounded teams that fully test your battle mastery. So leave no trial unfinished before confronting them!

Halt Team Skull’s Schemes

Causing havoc across Alola is Team Skull, misfits who failed the island challenge and spend their days threatening trial sites for money. Despite their intimidating aesthetic, their villainy remains petty at best.

Numerous grunts hound your journey, but their weak battling skills make them mere annoyances rather than threats. They flee easily once defeated, so don’t expect much of a challenge from these “hardened” thugs.

Real trouble comes from leaders Guzma with his destruction loving Bug types and Plumeria’s ruthless Poison roster. They won’t let you foil Team Skull’s plans without a ruthless fight. Come prepared against them!

Battle The Elite Four

The ultimate goal after conquering every island trial is victory at Alola’s Pokemon League against the Elite Four and first Champion. This five battle marathon pushes your skills to the edge!

Specialist trainers like Ghost expert Acerola or Fighting master Hala require mastery of type matchups to overcome. And the Champion’s diverse team provides a final well-rounded test only the most skilled can pass.

Utilize Z-Moves unlocked from trials along with the strongest, most synergistic team available to triumph. Completing this victory gauntlet cements your status as Alola’s strongest trainer! Are you ready for the challenge?

Adventure across tropical beaches, through lush jungles and up craggy volcanoes in Pokémon Moon while discovering Alola’s rich culture. Battle quirky captains and giant Totems during challenging trials, halt Team Skull’s mischief, and conquer the champion for island glory. The exotic Alola region awaits under moonlight!

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