Pokemon X ROM – Nintendo 3DS (3DS) Download

Pokemon X ROM
NamePokemon X ROM
Date Published2013
ConsoleNintendo 3DS
EmulatorCitra Emulator for 3DS
GenreRole Playing
Size1.3 GB

Journey through the Kalos region with Pokemon X, an enhanced remake that brings the 6th generation Pokemon games to life like never before. This immersive ROM explores beloved features in creative new ways for longtime fans and newcomers alike.

Exploring Kalos With Pokemon X

The Kalos region awaits with vibrant locales inspired by France. Traverse lush forests, glittering coastal routes, and towering snow-capped mountains as you catch Pokémon like Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie. This fresh take on the setting incorporates clever nods to X and Y while putting its own spin on landmarks old and new.

Mega Evolutions Bring New Strategies

Mega Evolutions return with a twist! Fan favorite species like Charizard, Lucario, and Ampharos unlock spectacular temporary forms mid-battle, shifting the tide with enhanced abilities. Strategic timing is key to maximizing their potential. Will you Mega Evolve right away or save this ace up your sleeve?

Customize Your Avatar and Outfits

Personalize your journey by customizing your avatar’s hair, skin tone, outfits, and accessories. Mix and match various tops, bottoms, hats, glasses, and bags as you amass an eclectic wardrobe. Seek out boutiques across Kalos to expand your fashion catalogue and define your unique style.

Ride Pokemon Add Transportation Elements

Whistle to call specialty Ride Pokémon that assist with travel in fun new ways. Soar over mountains and seas on a Charizard’s back or smash boulders blocking your path with a Rhyhorn’s Rock Smash. Surf on Lapras or zoom through caves on Gogoat to access previously unreachable areas rich with items and Pokémon.

With an enormous regional Pokédex, updated graphics, and quality of life improvements, Pokemon X reimagines Kalos for a one-of-a-kind adventure. This exceptional ROM breathes new life into the 6th generation while retaining the spirit that made it great.

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