Pokemon Pinball ROM – GBC Download

Pokemon Pinball ROM
NamePokemon Pinball ROM
Date Published2022
ConsoleGame Boy Color and Game Boy Advance
EmulatorVisual Boy Advance for Game Boy Advance and other GBC emulators
Size2.48 MB

Pokemon Pinball brings the fun and excitement of pinball to the Pokemon world. Bounce a Poke Ball off bumpers and flippers as you try to catch Pikachu and other Pokemon while racking up a high score. This nostalgic Game Boy Color game is sure to delight Pokemon fans young and old.

Play Pinball with Pikachu and Friends

The main objective of Pokemon Pinball is to catch all the Pokemon. Pikachu and many other classic Pokemon make appearances across two themed pinball boards. Bumpers shaped like Poke Balls ricochet your ball around as you aim for the different Pokemon. When you hit a Pokemon, you have a chance to catch it, adding to your collection. The more Pokemon you catch, the higher your score climbs.

Nostalgic Pokemon Adventure on Game Boy Color

Pokemon Pinball brings together the joystick-smashing fun of pinball with the collectible creature-catching adventure of Pokemon. Released on the Game Boy Color in 1999, this game evokes nostalgia for both retro pinball machines and old-school Pokemon games. The pixelated graphics and chiptune music create a blast from the past.

Catch Pokemon While Bouncing Poke Balls

The ball in Pokemon Pinball is a Poke Ball, used to catch the Pokemon themselves. Control the flippers to keep the Poke Ball in play and knock it into Pokemon to try to capture them. Clear objectives must be completed to get the chance to catch each Pokemon. The odds of capture increase each time you hit the same Pokemon.

Defeat Bosses Across Pokemon Lands

Pokemon Pinball has two themed boards, based on the Red and Blue versions of the original Pokemon games. Each board has three mini-zones with different Pokemon to catch. At the end of each board waits a tough boss battle against one of the classic Pokemon rivals. Defeat them to gain access to bonus levels and unlock all the available Pokemon on that board.

Unlock Mini Games and Bonus Levels

Various mini-games and bonus levels can be unlocked during play. These provide a change of pace from the main game and new challenges to overcome. Mewtwo’s Tilt-and-Roll bonus stage tests your tilting skills. A slot machine-style game offers prizes like extra balls. There is even a timed Catch ‘Em mode where the goal is to catch all the Pokemon as quickly as possible.

Customize Game Boy Pinball Machine

As in real-life pinball machines, Pokemon Pinball lets you customize elements to match your play style. Adjust the spring strength on the launch plunger to easily access multiball modes. Swap out the standard steel ball for alternative Poke Ball designs that behave differently. Turn off game music if you prefer ambient sound effects. Pokemon Pinball offers plenty of options for personalization.

With its fun flipper-based pinball gameplay and a nostalgic Pokemon-themed adventure, Pokemon Pinball is a Game Boy Color classic still worth playing today. This inventive mashup brings Pikachu and friends to life on a virtual pinball machine for catching madness.

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