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Pokemon X and Y ROM
NamePokemon X and Y ROM
Date Published2022
ConsoleNintendo 3DS
EmulatorAny 3DS emulator
GenreRole Playing
Size7.1 MB

Revisit the groundbreaking Pokemon X and Y games with this fan-made ROM. It brings Kalos’ stunning 3D region to life along with Mega Evolutions, rideable Pokemon, deep customization, the villainous Team Flare, and more. This ultimate Kalos adventure improves on the original for a nostalgic Pokemon experience.

Download Pokemon X and Y ROM

Explore the Stunning Kalos Region

Pokemon X and Y first introduced players to the Kalos region, filled with vibrant cities, quaint towns, and landscapes inspired by France. The fan-made ROM perfectly recreates iconic locations like Santalune City, Cyllage City, and glittering Lumiose City.

Kalos’ blend of old-world charm and modern metropolises filled with cafes and boutiques make it a joy to explore. Medieval castles and structures sit beside gorgeous beaches and snowy mountains. There are always new sights to discover as you journey across this diverse land.

Small touches bring Kalos to life, like spectators cheering you on during gym battles or friends calling you on the Holo Caster. The region feels alive thanks to these little details that make it more immersive. And now it can be revisited looking better than ever on an emulator with upscaled graphics!

Discover Mega Evolutions

This ROM lets you harness the incredible power of Mega Evolutions – temporary transformations of Pokemon like Charizard, Lucario, and Ampharos into more powerful forms. Time their activation right mid-battle for the strength to sweep unprepared opponents!

Mega Evolutions alter Pokemon types, abilities, moves, and stats to make them bigger threats. Now fan favorites can reach their full potential, like Mega Mawile’s monstrous attack stat or Mega Aerodactyl gaining the speed to outpace its foes. Their updated designs are awesome to behold.

Figuring out which Pokemon to Mega Evolve and when are key strategic decisions that can turn the tide of battle. This powered-up ‘ mon can smash through the Champion’s toughest defenses. Just make sure to collect their specific Mega Stones across Kalos first!

Ride Pokémon Across Landscapes

For the first time in the series, you can use certain Pokemon as vehicles to help explore Kalos in new ways. Rhyhorn charges across ledges and rocky terrain while Lapras Surfs across bodies of water. Each offers unique overworld travel!

Skiddo carries you over grassy hills and Mamoswine plows through snowdrifts without slowing down. Even Machamp lends its strength to push huge stone blocks out of your traveling path. Their varied skills let you access bonuses and shortcuts.

Zooming down powdery slopes on Mamoswines or leaping across rivers on Lapras to reach items feels great. And battles even allow calling them in for a turn to unleash a themed attack! Their aid makes journeying across this picturesque region all the more memorable.

Customize Your Hero and Team

Pokemon X and Y introduced the ability to deeply customize your trainer’s outfit and looks plus decorate secret bases. This ROM retains all these great features so you stand out on your journey.

Buy clothes like fedoras, suits, dresses, and more in boutiques across Kalos’ cities. Design your dream house with collectible furniture and props. With so many options, you can create exactly the style you want, from elegant to totally silly!

Of course, customizing your Pokemon adventure goes deeper than appearances. Shape your team of 6 by training up favorites found across the region to take on any challenges they meet. With Bond Levels enhancing their power, your perfect party awaits!

Take On Team Flare

What’s a Pokemon game without a sinister villainous team? The stylish Team Flare seeks world domination and unfettered access to Kalos’ limited energy resources for their own gain.

Led by the enigmatic Lysandre, Team Flare will use the ancient weapon powered by Xerneas and Yveltal’s life energy to destroy all they see as greedy and corrupt. You’ll need to invade their hideouts and defeat their orange-suited admins if there’s any hope of foiling their apocalyptic plans in time.

This climactic struggle will test your battle skills against their toughest Pokemon teams and technology. But with Kalos’ fate hanging by a thread, you have no choice but to overcome the odds and bring Team Flare to justice while mastering the region’s new transformations.

This Pokemon X and Y ROM brings back everything fans loved about Kalos with enhanced graphics and gameplay improvements for a definitive second journey. Mega Evolve your favorites, explore vibrant landscapes, take down Team Flare, and make adventure your own through deep customization options for a nostalgic trip worth taking. The ultimate Kalos awaits!

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