Pokemon Exceeded ROM (v11.5) – GBA Download

Pokemon Exceeded ROM
NamePokemon Exceeded ROM
Date Published2022
ConsoleGame Boy Advance
EmulatorVBA-M, mGBA
GenreRole-playing game (RPG)
Size15 MB

Pokemon Exceeded pushes the boundaries with its massive new Aevium region, powerful Delta species to collect, tougher Neo Badge challenges, the looming threat of Team Rocket’s experiments, and a supreme Champion awaiting at the peak – this ROM dares you to push past old limits.

Download Pokemon Exceeded ROM

Explore the Vast Aevium Region

The brand new land of Aevium features diverse locations inspired by real-world places like Rome, the Amazon rainforest, Transylvania, Egypt and more. With sprawling routes and towering landmarks, this region feels alive.

Along the way you’ll uncover hidden grottos, investigate strange ruins, navigate harsh environments like active volcanoes, and visit vivid cities full of unique characters to interact with. Expect new surprises around every corner!

The grand scale makes your journey feel truly epic in scope, rewarding curiosity and risk-taking with secret bases, legendary lairs, useful items/TMs and more. Where will your next discovery lie hidden in Aevium’s depths?

Catch Impressive Delta Species

Exceeded introduces Delta Pokemon – regional variants of classic species with new dual types, altered looks, and different strengths. Catch fan favorites like Delta Charizard (Dragon/Fighting) or Delta Scizor (Bug/Electric) to bolster your team!

Over 80 Delta forms based on monsters from past generations await capture, providing veterans and newcomers alike fresh takes to discover. Their designs draw inspiration from origins like mythology, machinery, nature and more for creative combat options.

Balance your Delta Pokémon’s amplified strengths with clear weaknesses the alternate typing introduces, forcing careful team building. But master their capabilities, and these powerful specimens can dynamize your squad!

Challenge the Neo Gyms

Aevium’s gym leaders have upgraded with tougher Neo Badges to earn. Expect diverse rosters covering more weaknesses, technical machines to tailor movesets, and held items boosting their capabilities. These won’t fall easily!

Puzzle elements within gyms also put new twists on traversal with teleporters, darkness, mazes and simulated environments to navigate before battling. Creative solutions must meet the creativity coming your way fight-wise!

Utilize field effects during gym battles too, like Trick Room zones, weather shifts, or terrain changes to counter their strategies. Inventive teams and environments demand equally clever tactics in return to claim badges.

Stop Team Rocket’s Experiments

The villainous Team Rocket runs amok again, this time using stolen research to conduct experiments mutating Pokemon. Raid their remote labs to rescue helpless creatures from painful gene-splicing procedures.

Take down admins like Petrel and Proton to retrieve key cards & equipment needed to access their deepest levels hiding shadowy efforts at creating ultimate lifeforms. All while facing down genetically modified monsters.

Learn the full extent of their twisted schemes by confronting the boss Giovanni himself. With Aevium under threat by their research, you’ll need to shut them down for good before their hubris destroys everything!

Defeat the Champion’s Ultimate Team

Atop Victory Road awaits the reigning Champion Seline and her brutally designed dream team. This prodigy’s bonds with her Pokémon produce perfect synergy and power few can overcome.

Her roster strikes an ideal balance of offense and defense to systematically counter opponents. And their movesets provide high type coverage while playing to each fighter’s strengths – a formidable complete package!

Testing your skills against her supreme team after conquering all of Aevium’s threats cements your own mastery. Succeed in this ultimate challenge, and your name enters legend as her successor. Fail, and know more training awaits!

With its fresh region, new Delta species, amped-up gym battles, dangerous experiments, and a supreme Champion – Pokemon Exceeded lives up to its name by cranking every element to the next level for an truly epic quest. This ROM pushes players to push past prior limits in pursuit of glory!

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