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Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia ROM
NamePokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia ROM
Date PublishedMarch 20, 2008
ConsoleNintendo DS
EmulatorDeSmuME, MelonDS, and NO$GBA
GenreAction, Role-playing
Size42 MB

Journey through the vibrant Almia region as a Pokemon Ranger in this exciting Nintendo DS game. With new missions, legendary Pokemon to discover, and the sinister Team Dim Sun to overcome, Shadows of Almia offers an adventure filled with friendship and intrigue.

Explore Almia’s Vibrant Regions

The game takes place in the lush and varied Almia region. As a Pokemon Ranger, you’ll travel across its grasslands, volcanoes, oceans, and more on your quest. From the tropical Boyleland to the frosty mountains of Almia Castle, each location presents new challenges and Pokemon to encounter. The diversity of the land itself becomes a character within the story.

Ranger missions take you deep into Almia’s most intriguing places. Trek through Hippowdon Temple to halt an earthquake or investigate the dim seabed caverns of the Abyssal Ruins. The region comes alive through your expeditions.

Befriend Wild Pokemon as a Ranger

As a Pokemon Ranger, your duty is to protect people and Pokemon. With your Capture Styler, you can befriend wild Pokemon and gain their help rather than battling them as a trainer would. This creates a cooperative dynamic unlike other Pokemon games.

You’ll recruit all sorts of species during your adventure – from playful Bidoof to towering Onix. They use their unique skills to help you access new areas, cross obstacles, and complete your missions. Forming these bonds unlocks the deeper meaning of becoming a Ranger.

Stop the Sinister Team Dim Sun

It’s not just the local Pokemon causing a stir. The tech-savvy gang Team Dim Sun has sinister plans that threaten all of Almia. They wish to control Pokemon and use them for profit. With their army of mind-controlled Pokemon, only a top Ranger like you stands a chance of stopping them.

It’s a race against time to halt the distribution of their Dark Shards across the region. As you thwart their operations, a deeper mystery unfolds about Team Dim Sun’s shadowy origins and true intent. Justice must prevail for both people and Pokemon.

Use Capture Styler to Recruit Aid

Your Capture Styler is the iconic tool of Pokemon Rangers. With it, you can temporarily befriend wild Pokemon by drawing loops to drain their energy. Once friendly, they’ll fight by your side and use HMs before you set them free again.

Mastering the Capture Styler is key to completing missions. Its functionality expands as you progress, letting you capture more Pokemon at once. Quick gestures on the touch screen add real skill to the mechanic. You’ll need to expertly handle this device to stand against Team Dim Sun.

New Missions and Minigames to Enjoy

Shadows of Almia expands the original game with even more quests and activities. New capture challenges test your Ranger abilities. Take on tough captures like the towering Hippowdon. Friend areas also return, letting you play with befriended Pokemon.

There are also fun new minigames to enjoy. Compete in Pokemon contests by dressing up your partners. Or team up in Tag Battles at the Ranger Union. With greater customization options as well, you can express your personal Ranger style.

More Legendaries to Encounter

The first Pokemon Ranger let you befriend the legendary beasts Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. This sequel goes even further by featuring new mythical Pokemon. Darkrai’s nightmare-inducing powers have gripped Almia, while Shaymin holds the key to purifying the region.

These potent Pokemon have pivotal roles that drive the narrative forward in exciting ways. And as a high-ranking Ranger, it falls to you to resolve the calamities surrounding these rare creatures through skill and understanding. Doing so protects all you’ve sworn to defend.

With an expanded story, new Pokemon to meet, and greater ways to customize your adventure, Shadows of Almia enhances the enjoyable Ranger formula. This sequel lets you form even stronger bonds with both Pokemon and people in order to safeguard nature’s balance against those who would disrupt it. Through teamwork and perseverance, you’ll rise to meet every challenge as a beacon of hope for the Almia region.

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