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Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia ROM
NamePokemon Renegade Platinum ROM
Date PublishedDecember 25, 2018
ConsoleNintendo DS
EmulatorNO$GBA, DeSmuME, DraStic
Size805 MB

Pokemon Renegade Platinum is a fan-made ROM that completely overhauls the Sinnoh region from the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games, providing players with an entirely new and massively improved experience.

Complete Overhaul of Sinnoh Region

Renegade Platinum features a complete graphical overhaul of the Sinnoh region, with vast improvements to textures, sprites, buildings, environments, and more. The game world looks sharper and more vibrant than ever before. On top of the visual enhancements, Renegade Platinum also expands the Sinnoh dex to include over 600 Pokemon from generations 1 through 4, opening up far more team-building possibilities.

Hundreds of New Pokémon to Discover

In addition to all 493 Pokemon from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Renegade Platinum also includes numerous monsters from Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen. This gives players access to a whopping 649 catchable creatures, making Sinnoh feel more alive and filled with surprises to uncover around every corner. Trainers can build enormously diverse teams, especially with so many more dual-type Pokemon combinations available.

Tougher Trainer and Gym Battles

While the original Diamond and Pearl games could be fairly easy at times, Renegade Platinum amps up the difficulty to provide veterans with a meaningful challenge. Important trainer battles feature stronger, more optimized Pokemon teams that will put players’ skills to the test. The Elite Four and champion Cynthia are especially formidable with their creative movesets and held items. Even typical NPC battles require more thoughtful strategy.

Quality of Life Improvements Galore

In addition to the sweeping changes mentioned already, Renegade Platinum incorporates countless quality-of-life improvements as well. Some highlights include an expanded Poketch with added apps, new field moves like Rock Climb, a revamped Underground area, reusable TMs, buffed experience gains to reduce grinding, infinite-use IV judging and EV resetting items, and so much more. The list goes on and on.

Mod Pushes Game to Its Limits

Renegade Platinum represents the pinnacle of Pokemon ROMs, pushing the ageing DS engine to its very limits. The sheer amount of features, tweaks, additions, and improvements crammed into this mod demonstrates the incredible passion and talent of the creator. For Pokemon fans, this love letter to Sinnoh stands tall as the definitive way to experience Gen 4. It’s the game Diamond and Pearl should have been at launch.

With its modernized graphics, massively expanded roster, increased difficulty, and huge quality of life upgrades, Pokemon Renegade Platinum enhances the original Gen 4 games in every way imaginable. This all-encompassing mod is a must-play for any self-respecting Pokemon fan.

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